My Reports and Publications

Who means what by agroecology And why it matters (Food Research Collaboration – April 2022)

Coordinator for Delivering the UK’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) across farming and land use (Sustain, SFT, PFLA, FMP and Soil Association – October 2021)

Contributor to Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change in the UK (British Ecological Society – May 2021)

Environmental Land Management design for Grasslands (Plantlife – April 2021)

A Manifesto For Mandatory Method of Production Labelling (Consortium for Labelling for the Environment, Animal Welfare and Regenerative Farming – April 2021)

Scottish Parliament Election 2021: Securing the future of Scotland’s biodiversity (Plantlife – March 2021)

An Action Plan For Greener Prisons (Sustainable Food Trust – December 2020)

Avocado Production: Water Footprint and socio-economic impacts (EuroChoices – December 2020)

National Meadows Day Parliamentary Briefing (Plantlife – July 2020)

World Trade Organization Rules and Livestock Labelling (Pasture Fed Livestock Association – June 2020)

Agriculture Bill 2020 Policy Briefing (Sustainable Food Trust -January 2020)

Contributor to the Meat Alternatives briefing (Nuffield Council on Bioethics – January 2020)

General Election 2019: Manifesto for Food and Farming (Sustainable Food Trust – November 2019)

National Food Strategy (Sustainable Food Trust – October 2019)

Farmers and Food Businesses Reflect on Brexit (Sustainable Food Trust – May 2019)

Contributor to The Farm Bill: A Citizen’s Guide (Chelsea Green -January 2019)

  • Short article featuring my chapter on crop insurance is available here

To Plough or Not To Plough (Soil Association – November 2018)

Policy Briefing: Agriculture Bill (Sustainable Food Trust -October 2018)

Securing the Future of Welsh Farming (Sustainable Food Trust -September 2018)

Digging into Horticulture (Soil Association – June 2018)

Brexit: Trade, Healthy Eating and Obesity (Soil Association – June 2018)

GM 2.0 Gene Editing and New Plant Breeding Techniques (Soil Association – May 2018)

Top 10 risks of a US trade deal (Soil Association – January 2018)

Unintended Consequences of Crop Insurance (Soil Association -August 2017)

TPP serves up an unsavory dinner (Center For Food Safety – November 2016)

Biosphere Smart Agriculture (Foundation Earth – September 2015)

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